Spare parts

Do you own a Van Raam bicycle and would you like to order parts for your bike? Then please contact your Van Raam dealer. We have expert dealers all over the world who sell our special needs bicycles. They also provide maintenance and arrange the warranty.

It is important that your Van Raam bicycle is inspected at least annually by a dealer to keep claiming the warranty. Parts will then be replaced in time before they break down. This also ensures a lasting optimal cycling experience. Find your nearest Van Raam dealer here. 

To keep your bike in good condition, you can perform regular maintenance on your bike yourself. There are a number of things you can do yourself. In addition, your dealer can also help you with these. Read more about this on the Maintenance page.

Should, despite proper maintenance, there be a malfunction or defect on the bike, your Van Raam dealer can be contacted for a repair and/or the necessary parts. The dealer must carry out repairs, maintenance and modifications using original Van Raam parts (to maintain warranty entitlement). Should a dealer be left with a question, the dealer can always contact Van Raam’s aftersales department.

Van Raam Spare Parts special needs bicycles

Webshop for Van Raam dealers

Parts for Van Raam bicycles can be ordered by dealers in the webshop. You can do dus by logging into the Van Raam webshop as a Van Raam dealer. For more information, please read the article “Webshop for Van Raam dealers”. Here you can also find a video with detailed explanation.

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