Lease a Van Raam special needs bike

Did you know that bicycles from Van Raam can also be leased? Several Van Raam dealers offer to lease the bike instead of buying a Van Raam bike. For a fixed amount you lease a bike and often this includes service. Read more about leasing here.

Cycling for a fixed amount per month

Buying a special needs bike can sometimes be quite an expense. Leasing a bike can be a good solution. It is still possible to cycle on a special needs bike, without paying a high amount in advance. If you choose to lease a bike, you pay a fixed amount per month. A lease contract is often concluded for a certain period of time. Some (possible) advantages of leasing:

  • A new special needs bike.
  • Low costs: You don't pay high purchase costs
  • Maintenance and repair is often taken care of
  • Advice
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Van Raam bike leasing in the Netherlands

There are a number of Van Raam dealers in the Netherlands where you can lease a Van Raam bicycle. These are:

  • Care4More
    Care4More brings elderly and disabled people in motion with innovative products. At Care4More you can buy, lease or try out duo bikes, wheelchair bikes, tricycles and many other exercise products. For Care4More it is important that people with and without a disability can move together. 

  • Welzorg
    Welzorg Shop offers a very wide range of Van Raam bicycles. In their showroom in Vianen (near Utrecht, the Netherlands) it is possible to try all models. At Welzorg they think it's important that you get good advice that fits your wishes and that you can keep on cycling as long as possible. With Private Lease via you ride a new adapted bicycle for a fixed monthly fee.

Van Raam bicycle lease outside the Netherlands

Are you interested in leasing a Van Raam bicycle? Ask your local Van Raam dealer if there are possibilities to lease a bike.You can find a dealer in your area with our dealerlocator.

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More information about Van Raam bicycles

Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bikes, we produce tricycles, wheelchair bikes, duo bikes, tandems, scooter bikes and low entry / comfort bikes.

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