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Pedal support Van Raam electrical bikes (e-bikes)

Since 2011, Van Raam has its own electrical pedal support, called the Silent System. The motor, battery, controller, smart display and software are developed by Van Raam, especially for the special needs bikes.

The Silent system is characterized by:

  • Smart e-bike

  • It's Simple use;

  • 3 support modes + starting aid/launch control;

  • An almost noiseless motor;     

  • Powerful electro motors;        

  • Modern and efficient electronics;        

  • High quality and safe batteries;          

  • Personal adjustable support, adjusted to the handicap;          

  • Cycling forwards and backwards with active pedal support;

  • smartphone app with which you can change the settings, send a SOS message, and with which you can view the current cycle data, including speed, distance and battery status.

Are you unsure if pedal assistance is right for you? Read the articles 'A Van Raam bike with or without pedal assist' and '6 benefits of pedal assistance on an adapted bicycle' for more information.

The Silent electrical system is a 36 Volt system. The motor has a maximal continuous rated power of 250 Watt. The pedal sensor can detect movement and force. In combination with the unique software, the system makes an optimal support and efficient power use. The support is very smooth, so that unexpected movement of the motor is prevented.

The Silent electrical system was in 2012, 2013,  2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018/2019 in Germany as worldwide “test-winner”.  

You can cycle backwards with the Van Raam electrical system when the pedal assistance is switched on with all the tricycles. This does not apply if the bike is equipped with a back-pedal brake. Read more in the article 'Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike'.

Van Raam e-bike app for smart e-bike

Van Raam has a smart e-bike (intelligent bike). Read more about the Van Raam smart e-bike on the Van Raam e-bike app page.

Smart e-bike app

Smart display/control Van Raam bike

The Silent smart display of the Silent Electrical system is equipped with a display and a button module. Below the display is the on/off button: You can activate the system by briefly pressing the on/off button. You will notice that the system defaults to starting in mode 1. The system can be turned off by holding down the on/off button for about 2 seconds.

Below the display are the following buttons:

  • On/off button;

  • Lighting button.

On the button module, you will find these buttons:

  • Plus button: Increase support level by one step;

  • Minus button: Decrease support level by one step;

  • Bicycle symbol: Starting aid;

  • Dot symbol: Mode button.

The Silent Electrical system of a Van Raam bicycle has several support modes: supportmode 1, 2 and 3. You can use supportmode 1 when you don’t need much support or when you want a high range. Mode 2 gives more support. In this support mode, the range is smaller than in mode 1. Normally, support mode 3 is used for mountainous areas because this support mode gives a lot of support, so that you can go up a hill. The range in mode 3 is lower than in mode 1 or 2.

Van Raam pedal assist Silent Smart display

Starting aid/launch control. 

The display has an starting aid/launch control button. When the starting aid is activated, you get support from the system withouth having to pedal along. The tricycles from July 2014 has the starting aid, an extra function called launch control. You get a boost when you pedal and press the starting aid button. The force of the boost depends on the support mode.

Battery indication.

The battery status is displayed as a percentage on the screen. When the battery is almost empty and the motor does not support any longer. The head-and backlight will still function. 

Other functions

The lighting can be activated using the lighting button on the display. Additionally, by simultaneously pressing the mode button and plus button, you can adjust the display's brightness in the settings screen. Learn more about how the lighting works through the Van Raam Electrical system in the article 'Lighting via the Van Raam Electrical system.'

Instruction Van Raam pedal support system display

If you are seeking clear instructions and explanations on how the Van Raam pedal support system display works, read the article 'Instructions Silent smart display for Van Raam bicycles' and watch the video below.

Watch more videos about our bikes on our YouTube channel.

Smart display Van Raam electrical system

Silent smart display (until January 1, 2024)

Bikes delivered before January 1, 2024, are equipped with the Smart display. Learn more about this display in the article 'Instruction display Van Raam pedal support system.'

Smart display

How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system

From time to time, Van Raam bicycles are fitted with a different electrical system. This can have very negative consequences, which we would like to warn everyone about. In the article 'How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system' you can read about 7 features and functions to easily identify a Van Raam bicycle with pedal support (delivered after June 2016).

Recognise electrical system

The Silent batteries

Untill the middle of 2012, Van Raam has used Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NIMH). Since 2012, Van Raam uses Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries.

All the tricycles of Van Raam have an Cube Li-Ion battery. The Balance, two wheeled tandems Kivo and Twinny, the wheelchair bikes, the rikshaw bike Chat, and the Viktor and Viktoria have a Slim Li-Ion battery.

The high quality batteries are manufactured in the Netherlands and can be used for many charge/discharge cycles. The Li-Ion batteries have 2 years of guarantee with a maximum of 500 charge/discharge cycles. Do you want to know what charging cycles are? Read our article "What are charging cycles?". The batteries have a high capacity, on several bikes it is possible to use 2 batteries with a combined maximum capacity of 1760Wh.

A Van Raam battery may / can not be refurbished due to safety and improper operation of the electrical system.

Are you wondering how best to charge the batteries and how they work? Then take a look at our video and article "How does a Van Raam battery work and how to charge it". Also read the article ''Frequently asked questions about Van Raam batteries'' for more information about our batteries. In the article "7 most asked questions about the Van Raam battery charger" you can find more information about the battery charger. 

Cube (Li-ion)Cube Heavy (Li-ion)Slim (Li-ion)
Nominal Voltage36V DC36V DC36V DC
Capacity (Ah)11,4 Ah24,8 Ah13,6 Ah
Capacity (Wh)410 Wh880 Wh490 Wh
Weight4,1 kg6 kg3 kg
Memory effectNoNoNo

The battery will go into a sleep mode if it is nog used for a longer period of time. This protects the battery and it uses no power, so the battery has a longer range. The Cube batteries have a indication on the handle. This indication has five green LED’s and a button. When you press on the button once, the indication will show the capacity of the battery. Also by pressing once, the battery can be waked up out of the sleep mode.

Range Van Raam batteries

The range of the battery depends on many factors. Thereby, Van Raam gives an estimated range of the batteries. The biggest factors are: the capacity of the battery and the bike. In addition to the total weight, the force that the cyclist delivers, the support mode, the condition of the tires and the condition of the road and the weather are also factors that have influence on the range. If all this is negative, the battery has a capacity of 50 kilometers. If everything is positive, the battery has a capacity of more than 70 kilometers.

During the cold winter months, the batteries of Van Raam’s electric bicycles need some extra care. Read more about this in the following article: Tips for the optimum battery life of Van Raam's electric bicycles.

Van Raam batteries cube battery slim battery Rosenberger connector

Van Raam motors

Three different motors can be used with the Silent system, the Silent VR1F,  VR2F and the VR2R. Those motors deliver a continuous rated power of 250 Watt. The VR2 motors are stronger than the VR1F. These are mostly used in heavier duobikes, in a mountainous area or when the cyclist has low pedalling power. The motors from Van Raam are maintenance free brushless direct-drive motors. The motors are very quiet and have a favourable power consumption. Read more about the Van Raam motors in the article 'Why a front or rear hub motor instead of a mid-drive motor'.

Van Raam uses wheel motors, also called hub motors, in its bicycles. In the cycling world, mid-drive motors are also commonly used. Read more in the article 'How do you compare the torque of a mid-drive and hub motor?'.

More about the motors

Silent VR1F
Silent VR2F
silent ht motor rearwheel and slim accu

Overview Van Raam Motors

VR1F SilentVR2F / VR2R Silent HT
Maximal continuous rated power250 W250 W
Nominal voltage36 V36 V
Maximum torque45 Nm60 Nm
Noise motorNilNil
Starting aidYesYes
Backwards functionYesYes
Maximum supported speedAdjustable, max 25 km/hAdjustable, max 25 km/h
Weight5,7 kg7 kg
SystemBrushless / direct driveBrushless / direct drive
Wear sensitivityNilNil
Speed control with throttle possibleYesYes

Throttle Van Raam bike

Each Van Raam bicycle that is equipped with the Silent system can also be equipped with a throttle.  This is standard the thumb throttle. The throttle takes over the function of the start button on the smart display and ensures that the bike can ride (up to approx. 5 km per hour) without pedalling. If you operate the throttle while riding, you will immediately get the maximum assistance from the throttle position that is enabled.

With the throttle you can also ride backwards. As soon as you switch the bike into reverse, you will see all the assistance modes light up on the display. If you then operate the throttle, the bike will ride backwards at approximately 5km/h.

Silent HT with thumb throttle
Photo left: hand throttle. Photo right: thumb throttle

Adjusting the Silent electrical system

The Silent Electrical system is widely adjustable. This way, the system can be adjusted to the customer specific needs.

The system can be controlled by force. If the customer gives more force on the pedals, the support will be higher. The proportion between the force from the customer and the power of the support can be customized. The system can also be controlled by movement. When the customer is rotating the pedals, there will be support. This is called “pedelec”. Often, the system is controlled by a combination of force and rotation.

Setting up the Silent electrical system is only done bij Van Raam and the dealers. It is possible to adjust the recipe with the Van Raam e-bike app. This is possible with bikes from may 2016. Older bikes can be updated so that those bikes can also connect to the Van Raam e-bike app.

Weight gain of the bicycle by the pedal support

The weight of your bike will increase by the pedal support. The total weight of the motor, battery en other parts depends on the type. This varies between the 9 and 15 kilo extra weight.

User manual Van Raam special needs bike(s)

You can find the user manual of a Van Raam bicycle on the Van Raam website. Check the product page of the bicycle in question. You can find the user manual under the price/documentation tab.

If you have questions about maintenance or range, check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Van Raam pedal support prices

We are proud to announce that our German partner Utopia Velo, manufacturer of high-quality bicycles, has emerged as the winner in 3 of the 13 categories in the ExtraEnergy test 208-2019 with the Silent system of Van Raam.

It concerns the categories Family, Lifestyle and Tour. In particular, the large power of the motor, efficiency and the range of the drive system are praised.

71 other bikes with drive systems from major manufacturers such as Shimano, Bosch, Yahama, Stromer, etc. took part in the ExtraEnergy test 2018-2019. In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 the Van Raam Silent system also came out as the winner.

ExtraEnergy test

ExtraEnergy Test 2018-2019


Please make sure that you have the original Van Raam system for pedal support called the ‘silent system’. This is always assembled by Van Raam. The silent system can be recognised by the Van Raam logo’s on the battery, display, and the specific characteristics such as backwards driving.

Warning: In case any alterations have been made to the bike by parties other than Van Raam or by yourself that cause any malfunctions or defects, the guarantee and CE certificate will no longer be valid. The absence of a valid CE certificate can cause problems with insurance, and in case there are any damages or legal liabilities.

Older Van Raam elektrical systems

Do you not have the newest electrical system with smart display, please read the article: Van Raam bikes with motors / pedal support before 2016.

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Downloads software

Software for Silent system:

Driver USB Silent

Van Raam Dealer tool

With the usage of Windows 10, it is possible that service cables which are ordered before May 2016 has problems with connecting. If you have such a problem please contact our service department.

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Van Raam e-bike app

The Van Raam e-bike app is a free to download smartphone-app which you can use during cycling. Operate the app only while standing still.

Smart e-bike app