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Description rickshaw bicycle Chat

The rickshaw bike Chat is meant to ride together with children and/or adults who are no longer able to participate in traffic on their own. An accompanying person cycles with one or two persons. The two people who join the group as a co-driver are seated next to each other in a specially designed cockpit where design and ergonomics come together. The driver sits behind this cockpit and thus has an overview of the road, but also of the occupants.

The Chat rickshaw bike comes standard with our electric pedal support, which can be used to cycle backwards, among other things. Because the electric pedal support is standard, you get access to our Van Raam E-Bike App. This App is free and can be used as a luxury cycling computer for Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for this bike.

With the electric pedal support, the bike will be delivered as a smart e-bike. It allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and smart e-bike from a distance. For example, you can use the app to view your cycling routes and change your cycling settings. Read more about the Van Raam smart e-bike on our Van Raam app page.

Optionally, the Chat can be extended with a canopy, so that the passengers are protected from sun and rain. This canopy is not part of the standard version and has to be ordered separately. Look for all options in our configurator or on the price list of the Chat.

The Chat gives people the opportunity to talk to each other, chat(ting). In the meantime you can enjoy a comfortable bike ride through a combination of suspension, correct ergonomics and soft goods. Elderly people can, for example, explore the city together with young people and take on the role of 'guide' and tell stories from the past, thus bringing them out of their isolation for a while.

Besides the fact that this rickshaw bicycle offers a solution for the elderly, the Chat is also suitable for people who want to go on a guided tour, but also for care institutions, families and holiday parks.

For more information see our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Standard equipment

  • 8 gears 

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

  • Silent electro HT (pedal support)

  • Automatic lighting over the electrical system

  • Starting aid/launch control

  • Environmentally friendly paint

  • Hip belt

  • Parking brake

  • Steering damper

  • ART approved lock and bell 

  • Five year warranty on frame

  • Access to E-Bike app

  • Extremely comfortable


  • Optimal supervision of co-drivers

  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements

  • No driving licence required

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Designed and made in Holland

  • Cheaper than bus/taxi transport

  • Every ride is an event

  • Easy access because of an adjustable footplate   

  • Easy and safe entry and exit

  • Plenty of luggage space

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Unique powerful pedal support with reverse function and starting aid/launch control

  • Suitable for one driver and two passengers
  • Meets all legal (safety) requirements
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in Holland
  • Every ride is an event
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Unique powerful pedal assistance with reverse function and starting aid/launch control (smart e-bike)

  • Optimal supervision of co-drivers
  • No driving licence required
  • Dutch Design
  • Cheaper than bus/taxi transport
  • Easy control
  • Free Van Raam E-Bike app
  • Easy access because of an adjustable footplate

Customer Experiences
9.3 / 10
Read all Chat customer experiences
User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora
9 / 10
User experience rickshaw bike Chat - Debbeshoek Azora
In September 2019, residential care centre and nursing home Debbeshoek Azora in Ulft experienced the Chat rickshaw bike for a week. The reason why this handy transport bike was delivered to the residential care centre was due to a photo shoot of the Chat that had taken place a few months earlier. During this photo shoot, two older ladies who had been friends for years became true models for a day and were allowed to go out with a professional photographer and a team of Van Raam. Cintha Peters, group supervisor DOS, day care and team welfare, wrote down the experiences of the residents on behalf of Debbeshoek.
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Customer experience Chat electric rickschaw Van Raam Hans-Joachim Fischer
10 / 10
Customer experience Chat electric rickschaw - Hans-Joachim Fischer
For one year now, Ambulante Hauskrankenpflege Fischer in Lower Saxony has been in possession of a Van Raam Chat electric rickshaw. Since then, the transport bike has been happily used by the senior citizens in the municipality of Amelinghausen. Read Hans-Joachim Fischer's experience with the Chat electric rickshaw here.
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Van Raam Chat rickshaw with canopy option
Van Raam special needs bike with mirror
Stick holder tricycle Maxi Van Raam
Chat Rickshaw Bike with extra battery pack Slim Van Raam


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Item code

386 - 0000

Average range (default battery)

37 km

Min-max range (default battery)

20 -61 km

Inside leg length

80 - 95 cm

Standard frame height

52 cm

Boarding height

45 cm

Weight with electrical system

97 kg

Cycle length

232 cm

Cycle width

111 cm

Wheel size front


Wheel size back


Standard color

(RAL 2000) Yellow orange matt

2nd color (extra charge)

(RAL 6011) Reseda green matt

3rd color (extra charge)

(RAL 3001) Signal red matt

RAL color of choice


Maximum user weight driver

120 kg

Maximum user weight passengers

200 (in total) kg

Maximum luggage carrier weight

20 kg

Possible separable frame



rickshaw bicycle chat from van raam offers new perspectives

Rickshaw bicycle Chat from Van Raam offers new perspectives

To give people the opportunity to outside again, to raise new possibilities and perspectives and finally to let all people ride bicycles again — this is not unrealistic any more with Van Raam's Rickshaw Bicycle Chat. Read in this article what the Donaukurier says about our transport bike, what the reactions were like and all useful information about the Chat.

Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat

The Chat is a rickshaw transport bike that is suitable for a broad cycling audience. This social bike is suitable for the elderly, among other things, but the Chat is also a nice solution to explore the area on a holiday with small children. Besides that this transport bike looks nice, the Chat also cycles very comfortably. This is partly due to the unique riding characteristics and ergonomic seat. Read more about the riding characteristics of the Van Raam Chat in this article.

7 useful tips for buying a Van Raam cargo bike

7 useful tips to buy a cargo bike

Van Raam has several cargo bikes in its range, suitable for children or adults who cannot or do not want to take part in traffic independently. Looking for a cargo bike? We give you 7 useful tips to help you buy a Van Raam cargo bike.

6 tips for cycling on the van raam chat rickshaw bike

6 tips for cycling on the Chat rickshaw bike

The Van Raam Chat is a rickshaw bike on which two people can be transported. The Chat has three wheels and a seat on the front of the bicycle, which makes the Chat cycle differently than a regular bike. Read in this article 6 tips for cycling on the rickshaw bike.

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